Camino CA Real Estate

The word “camino” means “road” in Spanish and Camino is situated just off this road – Highway 50.

Camino is best known as a lumber town. For more than a hundred years, lumbering has been an important component of Camino’s existence.  Since the arrival of the Euro-American culture during the California Gold Rush period, the timber industry has been an important element of the Sierra Nevada economy.  Today, however, it is a dying enterprise.  The Camino Lumber Mill is presently the only functioning mill in El Dorado County and one of only a handful in California.

Also located in Camino is The Institute of Forest Genetics. The Institute of Forest Genetics in Placerville, California, is a field research facility of the Pacific Southwest Research Station, headquartered in Albany, California. The laboratory and research station are part of the Forest Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture. The Institute of Forest Genetics facility is utilized by three research work units. The Placerville facility has been an active site of forest biology research since 1925. The three research units are the Institute of Forest Genetics,National Forest Genetics Laboratory, and the Chemical Ecology and Management of Forest Insects Research Unit.   
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