Riverton CA Real Estate

Riverton is located on the South Fork of the American River.  It was first known as Moore’s Station.  The station was built and operated by John H. Moore, who was a former member of the San Francisco Vigilance Committee of 1856.  

Moore’s Station served as the first Pony Express station eleven miles east of Sportsman's Hall at a junction of the river. Other sources identify this station as Moss Station, the name that appears on the 1861 mail contract. Today, a California Registered Historical Landmark's plaque at the site reads:

This was the site of a change station of the Pioneer Stage Company in the 1850's and 1860's. During 1860-1861, the California Overland Pony Express maintained here the first Pony remount station east of Sportsman's Hall.

When a post office was established in 1895, the name was changed to avoid confusion with an older Moore’s Station in Butte County.  The location by the river suggested toe choice – Riverton.

The station no longer exists but there are stone pillars at the site that are remnants of an eighty-foot stone arch bridge that once spanned the river. Some buildings are nearby at a location known as Whitehall.  There are a number of vacation homes that dot the river banks and hillsides.  This location has seen its share of natural catastrophes.  A massive mudslide rocked the community in the 1980s and the devastating Cleveland Fire of 1992 scarred the landscape. Both have left indelible marks upon the area.

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